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Market Thoughts - 1/30/2022

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Nick Conn
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Hello Investors,

I wanted to shoot you a little update on some market trends and news that caught my eye. Keep in mind these are subject to change every day. The financial markets are very over-reactive. Any slight news can destroy the thoughts here.

Market Recap

Wall street, and financial markets in general, were stuck in a weird range this week. Generally and technically speaking, the markets battled with a big earnings week and geopolitical turmoil. What could make the weak even more choppy? The FOMC meeting added in of course.

Two of the biggest top gainers of the S&P 500 were Visa and MasterCard. Apple exceeded their expected earnings, which let’s be honest we aren’t surprised. As if we already didn’t know, incredible company and even better balance sheet.

Week Ahead

The Labor department is reporting numbers this week, while the White House has already alerted to expect lower, putting the blame on omicron.

Last week was a big earnings week, but we have more this week. This will be a big week for the major players.

  1. Google - Tuesday

  2. Amazon - Tuesday

  3. Meta (Facebook) - Wednesday

  4. Ford - Thursday

  5. Starbucks - Tuesday

  6. AMD - Tuesday

  7. PayPal - Tuesday

As of this writing, Sunday futures have not been released yet. Sunday futures will come out in the evening. You can check on FinViz later on today.

Crypto Recap

Bitcoin has seen 50% drops four times in four years. This is a feature, not a bug. The volatility can make you rich if you keep your emotions on the sidelines. This is hard to stomach when you are playing alt coins. The rule of thumb; when Bitcoin drops 1%, alts usually drop 2%.

We have found what looks to be a bottom around 35,000. I like this level, but I will remain bearish, from a trend standpoint, until we get closer to the Daily 200EMA (green indicator on the graph).

There has been a fairly big increase in whale buying over the past week. At these prices, I bought more too.

I am out of the office this week. Have a good week and let’s make some money.

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