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Market Thoughts - 04/25/2022

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Nick Conn
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Hello Investors,

I wanted to shoot you a little update on some market trends and news that caught my eye. Keep in mind these are subject to change every day. The financial markets are very over-reactive. Any slight news can destroy the thoughts here.

Market Recap

The sell-off continued into the weekend, as the almost certain aggressive interest rate hikes are in the short term future. This marks the third week in a row that $SPY and NASDAQ have shown a downtrend.

With the interest rates aside, there were some wild earnings reports this week. Netflix ($NFLX) price drilled down 25% after the earnings report showed it was the first time in 10 years that the company has lost subscribers. What does this say about all the other streaming service earnings coming up?


Even after the tough sell-off to end last week, futures are bloody.

Week Ahead

We are approaching the big week in earnings season. Some megacap and large cap companies are expected to report this week. Is growth already priced in? Not much is happening other than big earnings.

Earnings this week:

Tuesday - Google.

Tuesday - Microsoft.

Wednesday - Facebook.

Thursday - Apple.

Thursday - Amazon.

Thursday - Twitter.

Crypto Recap

We talked last week about how the crypto market has been cooling off after some pretty good gains. I am a firm believer on taking profits and trimming into strength. While this cool down is happening- you could be waiting for a bottom, or dollar cost averaging in your favorite coins.

Last week, $TRON announced a new stablecoin on their ecosystem with the ticker $USDD. Who would’ve guessed this would be the year of algorithmic stablecoin battles?

$NEAR still has rumors swirling of their stablecoin being dropped within the next few weeks. If this does happen for $NEAR, and they really do allow 20% APY, you can expect volume to flow into the ecosystem.

One coin that is still blowing my mind, $APE. We got into $APE at $10, but this project feels like you just need more. It’s hard for me to bet against Yuga Labs on anything, anymore. Smart money also agrees.

Have a great week, and let’s make some money.

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