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Market Thoughts - 02/28/2022

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Nick Conn
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Hello Investors,

I wanted to shoot you a little update on some market trends and news that caught my eye. Keep in mind these are subject to change every day. The financial markets are very over-reactive. Any slight news can destroy the thoughts here.

Market Recap

What a week, that’s the only way to say it, right? If you were in for the ride last week, you experienced both the good and bad of the financial markets. Wall Street bled hard on the news of Russia invading Ukraine. If you “bought the invasion” you might’ve had a good bounce.

On Friday, Wall Street rebounded from the sell off from the invasion, gold prices dropped, and treasury yields slipped.

Week Ahead

The weekend had some critical news come in, with all of the sanctions across the Western Countries, Russia’s market and ruble (their currency) have dropped close to 40%. This certainly does have effect on the US stock market.


Futures are very bloody this morning, with VIX being up almost 9%. Let’s watch what happens at market open and react from there.

The US Labor Department will release their employment report for February on Friday. The unemployment rate is expected to be better by 0.1%, being at a 3.9% unemployment rate. This will be positive news in the light of all the bad swirling.

More earnings this week.

Target - Tuesday

Dollar Tree - Wednesday

SalesForce - Tuesday

Broadcom - Thursday

Baidu - Tuesday

Crypto Recap

It has been a crazy two year ride for crypto, but crypto is showing its use cases in real time. No matter the short term volatility, crypto will always be there.

Long term, we are still following the oscillator from last week. Buy your favorite coins that are good projects. I love AVAX, LUNA, ETH, NEAR, FLUX. Those are the one’s I am watching now.

Have a good week and let’s make some money.

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